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Patient Characteristics that Can Predict Improved Weight Loss Success
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Patient Characteristics that Can Predict Improved Weight Loss Success

By Carl A. Weiss, III, MD PhD FACS


As a bariatric surgeon, I have met thousands of patients over the years. I stress to all my patients that they need to do two things to succeed in their weight loss journey: they need to change the way they eat and they need to exercise.


A review of the literature shows that there are some specific personal attributes of successful weight loss candidates.


See if you identify with some of these traits:


1. People who are highly motivated on a personal level.


2. Those who like to feel in control of their decisions and the actions needed to get results seem to fare better in the long run.


3. Those with a high level of self-confidence believe that they will be able to incorporate the changes necessary to be successful both in the short and in the long term.


4. People who are resilient and flexible are more apt to stick with the necessary life-style changes even if they slip here and there. Rigid behavior often leads to failure in the long run as people get discouraged if they have to take a break from exercising or gain a few pounds.


5. Those with a positive body image have greater success because their self-worth is not tied to their appearance. Although they may be thrilled by their new body type, they know intrinsically that their self-worth is more about who they are as a person; not what they look like.


If you only identify with some of these attributes, lean in to your bariatric program staff. Ask them for support so you can develop success habits. Attend a support group. You can be the next great weight loss success story.