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Put an End to Exercise Boredom
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Put an End to Exercise Boredom

By Daniela Kowal, PT


As a physical therapist, I have worked with hundreds of bariatric patients over the years and I believe that exercise should be fun and rewarding. After all, what could be more rewarding than seeing a slimmer body in the mirror? And what’s more fun than feeling the effects of improved health? Physical exercise has many health benefits including improved cardiovascular health, brain function, and positive effects on sleep, depression and appetite among many others.


Research tells us that there are many benefits to changing an exercise routine frequently. For instance, changing an exercise routine can prevent boredom, help increase metabolism, strengthen and condition a variety of muscles, while improving cardiovascular endurance. 


Your long-term fitness results come down to one simple fact: the more you keep your body moving(exercise), the more you will keep the scale moving in the right direction. But finding ways to keep exercise interesting can be a challenge. However, if you incorporate all the elements of a good exercise routine, then you can’t go wrong.


Elements of a good exercise routine include but are not limited to: 

1. Strengthening

2. Flexibility

3. Cardiovascular

4. Balance training 


Within each category there are many types of workouts/ exercises that can be done, and the possibilities are endless.


Whether you choose to exercise in a gym setting, or at home, it is important to incorporate all the elements into your exercise routine. In the gym setting for example: consider alternating between the different types of cardiovascular equipment on each visit. Consider taking an exercise class that is offered or trying free weights instead of stationary equipment. 


In the home setting consider putting together a video library. Choose 12 to 15 different workout routines. Buy a stability ball. Take advantage of free workouts offered on the internet. Yoga and TRX suspension training are also great options. Other suggestions are:  varying the length of your routine, split your routine into 2 sessions at different times in the day. As you can see, the combinations are endless.


Following these tips can put an end to exercise boredom. Also consider the buddy system.  Exercise with a friend and share each other’s enthusiasm. Shaking up your exercise routine will help you achieve your long-term fitness goals whatever they may be.