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Stop The Madness!
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Stop The Madness!

By Sandi Henderson & Wendy Campbell


Results Rooted In You – Stop The Madness!

It all begins with YOU. We all were provided guidelines by our bariatric surgeon. Are you following them, THIS is the staring line. Who’s guidelines are you following, your doctor’s or the one’s you created that “kinda sorta” match? What are you doing that meet those guidelines and is it working? What are you doing that doesn’t match those guidelines and is it working?


If these questions produce feelings of frustration, anger, overwhelm, confusion, hopelessness, sadness, shame, or self-doubt, what’s next?. Are you lost on your journey? This is where you might say to yourself, “maybe I need help, maybe I need some one on one guidance.” Check out our BARIATRIC COACHING program.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what it would be like to have a bariatric coach at your side as you walk this journey. Someone who would help you gain perspective and understanding of yourself as you work to create permanent change.


Sandi & Wendy have been providing coaching services for 7 years now and are authors of a lifestyle cookbook because they don’t diet.

Their clients leave each Coaching Chat feeling heard, understood, acknowledged, empowered and prepared to move ahead. Success is an individual perception. You’ll get back on track, be on track and stay on track.


Would some one on one time talking about the HARD on this journey and creating a plan to push through it help?
How about having someone who has been there, done that and proudly wears the T shirt to listen to you and help direct you to grow to your fullest potential?
That's some of what bariatric coaching offers to you.

End the madness today.


We are WLS Success Matters are constantly working on self love and extend the invite for you to join us.  Visit our website:  www.wlssuccessmatters.com to learn more about WLS courses, support groups, cookbook and retreats.