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Results Rooted In You In The Kitchen
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Results Rooted In You In The Kitchen

By Sandi Henderson & Wendy Campbell

Results Rooted In You In The Kitchen

On August 28th we officially celebrate Crackers Over The Keyboard Day! Have you been there? Cleaning the crumbs from your keyboard, loving the taste in the moment, hating yourself in the after? What if you had some new, healthier choices that resulted in satisfaction and feeling good about yourself and your health. BONUS – No crumbs on the keyboard.,

Authors and recipe creators Henderson and Campbell have both been active in the WLS community for nearly a decade. They can help you through the process because they have been through it themselves and know how a post-WLS body needs help adjusting to the new normal.


This post-WLS cookbook provides dozens of nutritious and easy recipes for every meal. These recipes will please not only you, the WLS patient, but your family members as well.


We believe that your meals need to be tasty treasures that are protein and produce packed. Take a look at a couple of alternatives for some of your regular take-out meals. We used to do take out frequently until we stepped in the kitchen and found we could create delicious alternatives that everyone loves.


If Mexican food is what you crave try our chile relleno casserole instead of those deep fried chiles; or how about a steaming bowl of black bean and turkey chile?


Is Pizza night popular at your house? Bet our chicken crust pizza will fill that bill with everyone but you going back for seconds.

Does your family salivate over a nice juicy burger? Our muscle burgers will trim your waist while keeping everyone satisfied.

Chinese food on the menu tonight? Shrimp fried cauliflower rice is sure to be a hit while keeping the calories down and the protein high. Is orange chicken a family favorite? We ‘ve got our answer to that with our orange you glad you chose this delicious bowl.


Follow our easy, step by step directions and Eat Your Way To Success. Here’s the link to purchase our cookbook from Amazon https://wlssuccessmatters.com/eat-your-way-to-success-and-learn-how-to-control-hunger-a-weight-loss-surgery-friendly-cookbook/