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April Showers Bring May Flowers; How Do YOU Bring Results?
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April Showers Bring May Flowers; How Do YOU Bring Results?

By Sandi Henderson & Wendy Campbell

Results Rooted In YOU – April Showers Bring May Flowers; How Do You Bring Your Results?

We have noticed that being a WLS patient starts with the Choice to Change. Many Changes must occur to create a new way of living. With those Changes, must come Consistency. That is how new habits are developed. Guess what follows those? You guessed it CONFIDENCE, tons of Confidence. It starts to show up in how you dress, talk, walk, play, live, love, laugh, share, create, etc. Where are you in the process?


When was the last time you recalled your WHY for committing to weight loss surgery?

When was the last time you thought about WHY you were choosing your lunch?

Let’s look what these “C”’s we’re talking about are:

  • Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
  • Consistency is conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the stake of logic, accuracy, and fairness.
  • Change is the act or instance of making or becoming different.
  • Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s application of one’s own ability or qualities.
  • Choice is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

What is one choice you are making daily in your commitment to your weight loss surgery life? Is it working for you? If not, what needs to change?


What is the next choice that requires your commitment to create consistency in your weight loss surgery life?

What’s the biggest change you’ve made in your life since having weight loss surgery? How do you feel about that change? Why does it matter to you? What if you could spend a weekend mentally preparing for your success and being physically satisfied and nourished? What might happen then?


WLS Success Matters wants to offer you the opportunity to build confidence living, learning and laughing with a small group of weight loss surgery patients focused on healthy living. Join us for our Spring Into YOU Weekend June 7th – 9th in Denver Colorado and renew your commitment to yourself and keep those May flowers blooming for the rest of your journey.

Because YOU MATTER we’re offering you a $100 discount off the cost. Use BSCI100 and hit apply when registering at SPRING INTO YOU WEEKEND.


We are WLS Success Matters are constantly working on self love and extend the invite for you to join us.  Visit our website:  www.wlssuccessmatters.com to learn more about WLS courses, support groups, cookbook and retreats.