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We Will Keep The Fires Burning

By Colleen M. Cook, President Bariatric Support Centers International

Following an inspiring bariatric patient conference several years ago, one of the participants  shared these sentiments: “You know", he said, “during our first year or so, as we lose our weight we stay pretty close to our support group friends. Then, after a few years pass we seem to venture on our own, lose contacts and connection. Coming to this event was a kind reminder of how much I miss and need this support network in my life. Being with you is like coming in from the cold, harsh world to warm my hands by the campfire. After being uplifted, encouraged and motivated I am returning to my life, with a commitment to come back again next year – to warm up once again. Thank you for keeping the fires burning.” 

What an important validation for us to hear! After over 20 years of serving, uplilfting, educating and supporting weight loss surgery patients, this great comment continues to motivate us to continue our work.

If you feel disconnected, like you have lost touch, come back, come and warm your hands and your heart and find the encouragement and support you need to ensure your long term success. Through the years it has been our great privilege to serve thousands of weight loss surgery patients, we stand ready to serve you as well.

From those just investigating surgery and newbies learning about the Success Habits to those needing to get Back on Track. We’d love to engage with you. Perhaps it is time for a Bariatric R.E.S.E.T. Join us each month for our Free Telephonic Support Groups Or get back in the conversation with our Facebook Groups. The light is on and the fire is burning.  Visit us online here.


We are keeping the fires burining and hope you will join us soon.