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Movie Theater Strategies
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Movie Theater Strategies

By Emily Wolff and Pam Helminger, RD LDN


Headed to the movies this weekend? If so, beware. Movie theater snacks can be a Nightmare on Elm Street! Of course, nobody goes to a movie expecting a salad bar, but you may be surprised to learn how fattening movie theater food really is. Granted, we all are entitled to a movie splurge with our spouse, family, or friends on occasion, but unfortunately, when we think of going to a movie theater, we think of popcorn, soda, and candy. If you are a postoperative bariatric patient or you are on a medical weight management program, it is imperative that you prepare yourself for this and plan. The aroma of popcorn may tempt you to want to order your own, but remember this is just one challenge that you will face during your journey to live a healthier life. Look at this situation as an opportunity to be a leader and help others follow your lead.


Once you have prepared for the movie theater environment, you need to create a plan for yourself. Before you get to the theater, make sure to eat something filling so that you are not tempted to eat unhealthy theater snacks. Pack a small snack in your purse, in case you get hungry during the movie or after the movie. You may even want to pop some microwave popcorn and bring this lower fat version. If you go to the movie unprepared and you become hungry, you will be more likely to make an unhealthy option that you are likely to regret later. 


Remember … this is a lifelong journey. You made the decision to live a healthier life and to make better decisions. Every challenge comes with temptation, but fighting the temptation will leave you feeling in control and confident that you can overcome difficult situations. Allow others to see how your decisions have changed your life and set an example for them.