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Benefits of Lighting Candles
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Benefits of Lighting Candles

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


When we think of candles, most of us picture a romantic dinner or birthday party.  Yet, we encourage you to think of candles not just for special occasions.  Candles can be very calming and a fabulous addition to reduce your stress at work or home.


More and more offices have allowed employees to have battery or traditional candles on desks to help keep employees centered and calm.  A battery-operated candle has the same effect as traditional candles, especially if it is the type where the light flickers.  You may want to consider battery candles if someone doesn’t prefer the scent of real candles. 


Should you exercise at home, perhaps yoga or tai chi, the calming effects of the candle can add to your exercise routine of calming the mind and focus on your body.  Candles also help with meditation.  Should you be nervous or anxious, by focusing on the flame, it helps to clear the mind and calm the body.  If you feel a little off, focus on the flame of the candle and recite some positive affirmations and you will be pleasantly surprised at how your mood turns around.  


One way to use candles would be when your preparing a bath.  Soaking in a warm bath, lights out and candles lit, just add to the relaxation.  Naturally, be mindful of where the candles are placed, so you and your home are safe.


Lighting candles may become a wonderful ritual for you to bring warmth, balance and joy into your world.