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How Technology is Changing Exercise
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How Technology is Changing Exercise

By Julie Morning, BS HFS ACSM


Like a child, we have watched technology grow up through the years. And like any child’s journey into adulthood, we have seen setbacks in technology as we have also witnessed it blossom into full maturity. Fact is, we look at technology as a friend that we have fully embraced because it has certainly made our lives easier. Thanks to our friendly relationship with technology, we can connect with old friends meet new ones and have more time to enjoy life in new and fulfilling ways. Now, thankfully, the same can be said for the way technology is changing exercise.


From apps to wearable calorie trackers, the future of fitness is tied to technology. Looking around the typical gym, you’re sure to see a surprising number of members who are using a smartphone or other gadget to assist them during their workout. Face it: there’s an app for everything nowadays and gyms are beginning to get in on helping their members to flex their technology muscles. In fact, some gyms are trying to condense the entire fitness experience into a neat little app. For instance, some gyms allow their members to stream fitness classes wherever they are to help fit their own schedule. This would help gyms to reach a greater audience and potentially assist more people in staying fit.


This all means that suddenly the commitment to fitness can be twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The apps and wearable devices can now be integrated into your workplace, your home or even outside on the playground with your kids. With smart phone apps the possibilities are endless; you can commit to a 30 day calorie burn challenge, compete with your partner 50 miles away by watching each other’s daily steps in their workplace, and even become connected with a virtual health coach. All goals can be made for the day and managed on your smart phone or laptop, you can now be alerted as to how many steps you’ve taken, how close you are to your calorie burn goal, how many hours you slept and yes even how bad your posture is. Technology can make the “fitness mindset” part of anyone’s lifestyle.