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Three Fitness Myths Busted
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Three Fitness Myths Busted

By University of Missouri Athletics Sports Nutrition Department


It’s a topic of debate among those who exercise. Is there a best way to exercise to burn the most calories in the least amount of time? And does it help to exercise using the LSD (low, slow, disctance) method?

Here's the dact. Scientific research shows that many of our deeply entrenched beliefs are dead wrong. For instance…




Myth #1: You burn the most fat during low intensity exercise.

Yes, your body does rely on fat as a main source of energy during low intensity exercises, such as walking, and uses carbs as the main source of energy during high intensity exercises, like sprints. Because of this, the myth seems true. But in reality, your body is burning more calories from fat during higher intensity exercises, yet it just is a lesser percentage when looking at the total amount of calories burned, since the body relies more heavily on carbs during high intensity.


Myth #2: You can reduce fat in one area.

This is NOT true. Spot reduction unfortunately does not work. No matter how many sit-ups you do, someone with 25% body fat will have less defined abs than someone with 12% body fat. In order to fix your problem area, you have to reduce your overall body fat percentage. Therefore, in order to get your body fat percentage down, you need to do more energy intense exercises, like squats, to burn more calories. And always remember to watch your diet because no amount of exercise will help if you are consuming an over.


Myth #3: Females will bulk up if they lift weights.

Many women do not want to do any strength training because they fear they will end up looking like a body builder. This is NOT true. In fact, the only way to bulk up this much is with the help of chemical enhancement substances. So do not be afraid to lift weights. Try lifting weights that challenge you during 8-10 repetitions. In fact, building a little extra muscle can help speed up your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories throughout your day.