About Retainer Options


We're bringing our business and clinical expertise to your bariatric program, via the phone. Imagine having access to our team of bariatric and business support experts, right at your fingertips. Now, you can! In a one hour phone consultation you can get expert advice regarding finance, best practices and processes, strategies for effective marketing, management and staff development, as well as guidance for accreditation from one of BariMD's Bariatric Specialists.


You can customize your consultation to meet your needs and budget. You decide the frequency, duration and time of any service. You can choose from as little as one hour per month to help you to help you reach your goals, two sessions per month or on an as needed basis—whatever it takes to help you keep things running smoothly.



One session



$285 per month


Two sessions



$475 per month


Sessions as needed



$325 per session