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Your patients want to succeed

Your patients made a thoughtful decision to have surgery in their fight against obesity. As healthcare professionals, you understand that surgery is just a tool. You know that effective postoperative care helps patients get the most from this tool to drive long term success. And, you also know that the effort and commitment to provide the appropriate level of post operative care can be quite overwhelming for your program. BariMD also knows this and understands the daily challenges busy bariatric programs endure and has developed this afterCARE resource so that you can provide the very best for your patients.

your patients with information
Every other month, the patient newsletter is electronically sent to your patients with fresh content written by experienced multidisciplinary bariatric professionals. From surgical care to complications management or culinary to fitness. these articles provide that added information to guide your patients in their postoperative journey. And with every issue of the Patient Newsletter, they renew their 'stick to it' commitment and their 'Can-do' attitude.
your patients with tips
Care Alerts will provide simple, easy to incorporate ideas, delivered right to their email or phone. These messages will interrupt their day-in day-out lives and remind them that they are on a journey towards ongoing success of their health and wellness.
your patients to stay on track
The Support Group Assistant provides your patients with an exciting variety of engaging support groups throughout the year. They will leave your support group sessions with an informative handout that provides them with simple take away concepts that they can incorporate to stay on track.
your patients for their success
The Behavioral Rewards Program recognizes patients for their commitment to success habits such as attending support group, making follow up office visits, fitness plans, weight loss benchmarks and so much more.
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Available Newsletter Templates
Select from a variety of newsletter designs and colors to create your personalized engagement tool for your patients. Add your logo, tagline and practice name to our design and articles.
Support Group Assistant
Utilize our resources to better orchestrate, administer and plan beneficial support group sessions.
Care Alerts
Keep your patients motivated with regular email and text messages with our customizable messaging system.
Behavioral Rewards Program
Recognize and reward patients as they work to maintain their long-term commitment to success.
Outcomes Database
Drive process efficiency, track patient interactions, maintain records and standardize processes.
Website Development
Engage and acquire patients today. BariMD will fully design and develop your website to educate your patients as well as enhance your patient volume.

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Take the next step toward long-term succcess for your patients and your practice. Every day you wait, one of your patients may be facing a challenge and need your support.