Benefits to Your Program
Think how successful your patients will be!

You are committed to your patients' success. You've done your best to safely improve their health and to bring them this far. Now, it's up to you to provide the post-surgery support they need to make the difference between long-term success or potential failure.

As a bariatric professional, you know the look in the eyes of a patient after surgery. You've seen the mix of emotions... fear, anticipation, and elation... all of them overwhelming.

For many of your patients, this is likely the biggest decision they've ever made. More importantly, in the months to come, it may be the biggest challenge they'll ever face.

Patients count on YOU for aftercare and you can count on BariMD.

Improve your success rate
The more support your program provides to your patients, the more engaged and committed they will remain to long term success.

Extends staff outreach
Patients benefit from the encouragement, guidance and suggestions from your multi-disciplinary staff. Wouldn't it be wonderful if your program could make your staff available to all your patients throughout every month? Not feasible right? With the BariMD AfterCARE Resources, this can now be a reality. These resources will allow you to effectively extend your staff's outreach so that patients have the benefit of professional support throughout the month.

Saves time and money
Your staff's time is limited. No matter how much they want to create newsletters, plan effective support groups, reach out to patients via emails and text messages, or even plan an incentive program, they just simply do not have the time. The BariMD AfterCAre program gives you the ability to effectively engage your patients, the way you would like, without spending a lot of time or money. The pricing for these resources are more reasonable than you might think, and they will allow your staff to effectively perform their responsibilities while giving your patients the very best postoperative support.

It's never been done before.
The BariMD afterCARE Program provides you with the valuable resources you need to support your patients throughout their postoperative weight loss and maintenance journey.

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Available Newsletter Templates
Select from a variety of newsletter designs and colors to create your personalized engagement tool for your patients. Add your logo, tagline and practice name to our design and articles.
Support Group Assistant
Utilize our resources to better orchestrate, administer and plan beneficial support group sessions.
Care Alerts
Keep your patients motivated with regular email and text messages with our customizable messaging system.
Behavioral Rewards Program
Recognize and reward patients as they work to maintain their long-term commitment to success.
Outcomes Database
Drive process efficiency, track patient interactions, maintain records and standardize processes.
Website Development
Engage and acquire patients today. BariMD will fully design and develop your website to educate your patients as well as enhance your patient volume.

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