Care Alert Resource
Innovative, efficient delivery of support

Engage your patients with program-tailored messages delivered via text messaging and emails. This powerful platform gives you the ability to easily and instantly communicate with your patients. Announce support groups, scheduled events, tips, reminders and important messages. Your patients will not miss out on any vital information!

Care Alert Email
Securely Upload your Emails
All patient information is protected in accordance with HIPAA compliance and regulatory standards. The email manager is very powerful, allowing you to upload individual contacts or even entire lists.There is no limit to the number of email addresses you can upload. So there is no reason for anyone, your patients, your referring physicians, your hospital or program staff to miss any vital information.

Create Distribution Groups
Whether you want to keep track of your existing patients or reach out to your new patients, simply create a distribution group in your account to target patients directly. There is no limit to the number of groups you can create. Examples are: Referring Physician Group, 1-3 Month Postop Group, 5 Years Postop Group and so on.

Create and Deliver Emails
You now have the ability to create your branded emails complete with your program’s logo and contact information and the control to easily schedule the delivery.

Care Alert Text Messaging
Convenient Engagement
Patients may leave home without their vitamins, protein supplements and water, BUT they don’t leave home without their cell phone! Take advantage of this fast growing phone technology to instantly deliver engagement messages to your patients.

We know patients rely on your program’s continued support to guide them and with this platform, you will be right by their side.

Our team is working to finalize development of this powerful resource and it will be made available to you soon. Contact us to learn more about this resource.
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