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May - Jun 2016
The Newsletter for Bariatric Patient Education and Motivation

A Simple Workout That Is Actually Fun

By Lindsey House, RD LD Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise

Remember playing with all kinds of fun toys when you were a kid? Do you remember spending every summer day outside playing sports, riding bikes, dancing around the living room? It was a blast...right?


As adults we spend an awful lot of time sitting in office chairs or plopped in front of the television. Not only does this prevent us from keeping our bodies strong and flexible, but it can also set us up to gain weight. A good habit of physical activity, on the other hand, can keep you fit and be enjoyable too.


Remember this: you don’t have to stop having fun just because you’re all grown up now. There are many ways to use some of your childhood playthings to lose weight, get fit and have a ball. So when you are ready to get started, get your hula-hoop out of the closet and start moving! You can look up hula-hoop workouts on YouTube or find lots of moves through hula-hoop websites.


Here’s what to do:


1. Grab a Hula-hoop, a black light and your dancing shoes.


2. Head to the gym, out to the yard or over to the park and don’t forget your music.


3. Get ready to play off some serious fat and calories!


Workouts do not need to be boring or be limited to a treadmill or elliptical machine. Let the hula-hoop help you turn every day into an opportunity to get fit—and have fun!