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Mar - Apr 2014
The Newsletter for Bariatric Patient Education and Motivation

Note to Self: Give Yourself a Break

By Karen Norowski, RN CBN

So, your weight loss was a success. Congratulations on the progress you’ve made so far!

I know you’ve made some tough lifestyle changes along the way, but you did it. Now what? Are you finding that your resolve is slipping? Are you getting off of your regular exercise schedule? How are you handling it? And what do you do to cope with those times when you give in to a moment of weakness?

Put things in perspective. Remember that Rome was not built in one day. You make permanent lifestyle changes to help you in the long-term, while dieting is a temporary change to achieve a specific short term goal. Here are a few things to remember to make lasting lifestyle changes and avoid dieting pitfalls.

Give yourself a break! Remember that you are not perfect. None of us are. We are all guilty of looking forward to the special foods that bring us comfort. Just think about ways you can make your favorite foods a little bit healthier. Or perhaps allow yourself a smaller portion of the treat. Keep in mind that if you splurge on one treat, there are other foods that you will need to avoid all together.

Now, what if you get completely derailed for a while? No problem. Get back on track as soon as possible! Forget that you had a bad day or week or month. Stop punishing yourself for what you have done in the past, and focus on the future. You have the ability to get back on track, and it starts with giving yourself a “do over”. Do not let one day of weakness ruin the next. Have your exercising efforts stalled for a while? Ok, get back in gear. Get out and take a walk, then plan to do the same thing again tomorrow. Forgive yourself for what you have not done, and get back to doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

TIP- If you can forgive and forget the shortcomings of others, then you can do that for yourself. Forget about having a bad day. After all, one day of weakness will not undo all of your hard work. But, pushing yourself into a slump may have lasting effects. You can press “reset” on your life and start fresh at the next meal, or even the next day.