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Jul - Aug 2012
The Newsletter for Bariatric Patient Education and Motivation

The Power of the Yellow Brick Road

By Monica Ganz, PhD


Oz may be the land of fairytales but it is also a place filled with lessons for us to learn. So, check out this story directly from the land of not so make-believe…


I was off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of weight loss (my surgeon). I saw him and had bariatric surgery over ten years ago. Then I followed the yellow brick road to healthier living. His path was not a straight one. It was up and down and around and about. I had to get re-educated and re-motivated. After I made it to the 'Emerald City of Goals' I was excited and thrilled. I was finally normal or so I thought…


But, those little green monkeys of temptation kept coming over to taunt me, they teased me and sometimes they even fed me food. That is how I got off the yellow brick road. That’s how I got lost.


When I lost my way, I lost my direction and my motivation. I moved over to the other side. I was trying to live the 'normal' life. What I didn’t realize yet was that I was never normal because I never had a normal relationship with food. So why should I think that I would have a normal relationship now?


I was a foodie – just like an alcoholic has issues with alcohol. I had issues with food. I realize now that I always will. After I met my goal and thought I was finally done, I lost my way. I gained 45 pounds so fast it made my head spin. It scared me. I thought that I messed my surgery up and the tool was gone. I was afraid that I would gain more weight. I was doomed to be fat the rest of my life. Depression settled in and that made everything worse. I had a choice: to stay where I was or to take control once again. It was up to me. So now that I had gone to the other side, it was time to get back to the yellow brick road. I had to.


What I soon discovered was that I did have a tin man, a lion and a scarecrow to travel with me on this journey as my trusted companions, my bariatric program.


As I worked my way back to the yellow brick road, I learned that I could come back from the other side. I am in control again. I just need to stay on or near the yellow brick road. The road includes going to support group, reading motivational books, journaling my food, weighing myself, drinking my water, and checking in with the wizard on a regular basis. Now, I feel good and look great.


Moral of the story – Stay in close contact with your bariatric program and you’ll stay on the right path to a healthier you.