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What’s New About Metabolic Surgery?
Neil Hutcher, MD and Eric DeMaria, MD

Bariatric Surgery and Reinventing the Wheel
Professor Dr. Khaled Gawdat

Robotic Obesity Surgery, Possibilities and Application
Ranjan Sudan, MD

Does Bariatric Surgery Place Patients at Risk for Severe Depression?
Cynthia L Alexander, PsyD

Should BMI Be Considered the Most Appropriate Measure to Determine Bariatric/Metabolic Surgery Cutoffs?
Shashank Shah, MBBS MS

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding: Is Device Choice the Most Important Component of Successful, Safe Weight Loss with this Operation?
Scott A. Cunneen, MD

The Holy Grail of Bariatric Surgery: Which Patient Should Get What Procedure?
Robin Blackstone, MD

Is Covering Bariatric Surgery Worth it for Insurance Companies?
Pierre-Yves Cremieux, PhD and Arindam Ghosh, PhD

Do Bariatric Surgeons and Co-Workers Have An Adequate Working Knowledge of Basic Statistics? Is It Really Important?
George Cowan, Jr. MD
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