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BariMD is focused in bariatrics to identify need gaps and develop solutions for supporting programs and elevating bariatric care.  Read the information below to take a good look at our resources. Contact us today at 877-855-9988 to speak with a Bariatric Specialist who can work to understand your current program needs and provide ideas for solutions.


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Patient Newsletter
Every other month, the patient newsletter is electronically sent to your patients with bariatric specific content written by experienced multidisciplinary bariatric professionals. From medical management to nutrition, culinary, fitness and lifestyle to surgical care, these articles provide motivating and engaging information to guide your patients towards long-term success. And with every issue of the patient newsletter, they renew their 'stick to it' commitment and their 'can-do' attitude. read more

Care Alerts

Care Alerts provides simple, easy to incorporate ideas, emailed directly to your patients. These messages are informative and engaging to interrupt their day-to-day lives as a reminder that you are with them on their journey towards ongoing health and weight management success. read more
Support Group Assistant
The Support Group Assistant gives your staff the content, framework and materials to run thought-provoking and engaging support group events throughout the entire year. Plus there is an announcement service and eCalendar to promote each event. Patients will leave your support group event with a branded, informative handout provided from this resource.   read more
Medical Weight Management Program Integration Services
BariMD has developed a complete medical weight management program (The Resolution Health Weight Management Program) that can be integrated with your existing bariatric surgical program or delivered in a primary care physician's practice. BariMD implements operationally and clinically sound comprehensive weight management programs (with therapies ranging from behavioral intervention, nutrition and fitness, pharmacotherapy to surgery) which deliver a collaborative approach between the patient and clinician to maximize behavioral change, achieve sustained weight loss and improve health. read more
Training, Educational and Promotional Videos
Are you looking for a way to promote your bariatric program, educate patients or train your staff?  BariMD can help.  Our team of bariatric specialists along with our creative group have demonstrated our skills in broadcast quality production videos.  Be it animation, talent in a studio or filming your own staff, our team will exceed your expectations. read more
Website Development
Engage and acquire patients today. BariMD will fully design and develop your website to increase program awareness, educate your patients as well as enhance your patient volume. read more
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