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Physicians and Healthcare Providers

BariMD has developed this privacy statement to confirm our company's ongoing commitment to the privacy of its members' information and records. The BariMD website provides information related to bariatric surgery and general weight loss programs. At no time should you, the bariatric professional, have any concern with respect to the information which you have chosen to share with BariMD. BariMD will not divulge any information whatsoever that we may receive from customers or patients to any third parties. BariMD will not lease, sell or otherwise share your name or credit card information to any other company, agency or individual. At BariMD, the security and protection of our customers and program information is our highest priority.

Internet Standards
BariMD supports the internet standard of secure socket layers (SSL) to ensure that the transmission of your sensitive information cannot be intercepted or decoded. In order to ensure that your order from BariMD is being placed on a secure socket layer, there are several visual clues which will be displayed by your browser. First off, you will notice that the "http" in your browser's URL location has changed to read "https". Secondly, Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers will also display a closed lock, but this will appear in the lower right corner of the browser. Regardless of which specific browser your computer uses, this website will display these visual clues in order to reassure you that your information is bring transferred in a secure fashion.

Site Registration
The BariMD registration form requires that users provide certain contact information which includes name and e-mail address. The BariMD registration form also allows for submission on a voluntary basis of other individual, practice, office or program information. BariMD may use this information, upon the election of the customer or patient, to send a monthly newsletter, and other promotional material to registered users of the BariMD website. Users have the right to decline the receipt of future mailings. BariMD uses this information in order to develop new content and to make our users experience a more satisfying one.

In the event that you should choose to create your own office specific BariMD website, BariMD may request that you provide all relevant information regarding your office and practice. This information will not be utilized for any other purpose and will not be disclosed or shared with any third parties.

Links to Other Websites
The BariMD website contains links to various other websites which BariMD feels may be of some benefit to our users. In no way is BariMD responsible for the content found on these websites, nor the specific privacy policies which may be employed therein.

Additional Information
BariMD also compiles additional information from visitors to our website for the exclusive purpose of tracking the total number of visitors to the site, and also for identification of the type of internet browser being used. BariMD utilizes this information in order to provide improvements for the site for your ultimate benefit. Please be advised that you, as the health professional, are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your BariMD site password and account information. Please be advised that a section of the registration form asks for information related to your professional status and other information relating thereto. BariMD utilizes this information solely in order to benefit the user and enhance the user's experience in visiting the BariMD website.

Public Forums
The BariMD website may make forums, newsgroups, message or bulletin boards, and chat rooms available to visitors. Please take note that the information which is shared and disclosed in these area enters the public domain and visitors should exercise discretion when choosing to share any personal information. BariMD does monitor these message boards and chatrooms and in the event that inappropriate material or information is found, it will be removed immediately.

The BariMD website has internal security measures which have been put into place in order to avoid the loss or misuse of any information which has been placed without control. All BariMD employees and outside contractors who may require access to technology which may relate in any way to customer or patient information are required to receive special password access by BariMD. Access is under constant review and all individuals or companies granted such access are specifically advised as to BariMD privacy and security policies.

Contact Information
BariMD website visitors who have any questions or comments regarding this privacy statement or the BariMD website in general, may contact:

151 North Nob Hill Road Suite 185
Plantation, Florida 33324
Attn: Web Administrator
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