The MBSAQIP Site Inspection

BariMD offers a comprehensive onsite audit to prepare bariatric programs for the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation & Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) inspection as well as credentialing from other accrediting bodies. The objective of this audit is to critically assess your program's facility, staff, clinical protocols and operational processes to meet the current MBSAQIP standards.  A BariMD Bariatric Specialist will come to your facility and perform a thorough site mock audit (up to 3 days) to identify standard deficits.  BariMD will provide an extensive report with a detailed action plan to include sound step-by-step applicable recommendations.  BariMD can also provide monthly consulting support to guide the execution of the improvement recommendations.

A pre and post onsite audit meeting is held via teleconference with the key program staff members. The pre-audit meeting provides details and sets expectations for the onsite assessment. Information about the onsite audit will be provided and the agenda will be reviewed. The post audit review, which takes places about one to two weeks after the onsite audit, is a detailed report out of the assessment findings with specific recommendations to optimize the organization's readiness for the "official" site inspection.

Onsite Assessment
The audit assesses both the hospital and bariatric practice(s) to determine the program's compliance with the stated MBSAQIP standards:

Standard 1:    Case Volume, Patient Selection, and Approved Procedures by Designation Level 

Standard 2:    Commitment to Quality Care

Standard 3:    Appropriate Equipment and Instruments

Standard 4:    Critical Care Support

Standard 5:    Continuum of Care        

Standard 6:    Data Collection

Standard 7:    Continuous Quality Improvement Process

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