Care Alerts
Keeping in touch with your patients has never been easier!


We know that people trying to lose or manage their weight need to be motivated and engaged to maintain their commitment to healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Imagine if you could keep in touch with your patients every week to inspire and motivate them. Trying to carve out time from your busy schedule to stay in touch with your patients is next to impossible. Well now you can do it and it is easy simply call BariMD!

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Engage your patients with motivating tips, ideas and resources that are emailed to them from your program automatically every week!


BariMD does all the work, you get all the credit and your patients benefit! Don't let another week go by without reaching your patients.


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THAT IS IT! Every Week, motivating and educational tips will be automatically emailed to YOUR patients from YOUR bariatric program!



The tips are written by healthcare professionals specializing in bariatrics. They are then reviewed by BariMD to ensure best practice. Then the tips go through a review committee to ensure the tips will capture your patients' interest so they will take a moment to read and incorporate the information into their lives. You will have confidence that the content is sound, engaging and motivating.


Care Alerts Starter

Your bariatric program will receive the following:

  • Ability to upload as many emails as you desire in our secure backend.
  • A customized landing page with the tips and your program contact information.
  • Content written for you! That's right, all of the content is complete and you don't need to even send it. The emails will go out automatically on a weekly basis.

Care Alerts Premium

Your bariatric program will receive the following:

  • Care Alert Starter.
  • Plus the access to a robust platform where you can create and email your own messages for your patients.

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